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Tibco Bw Training

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Tibco BW 6.x Course Content

1.EAI concepts.
• Introduction to EAI
• EAI – Historical Approach
• EAI – Message oriented middleware
• Simple Case study
2. Introduction to TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks 6.x Environment
• Introduction to TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks 6.x
• Features of TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks 6.x
• TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks 6.x Installation
• Introduction to TIBCO Business Studio
• Using Workspace
• Exercise #1 : Installation and Hands-on On TIBCO Business Studio
3. TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks 6.x Design and Development
• Introduction to Application, Module, Processes and Packages
• Introduction to Activities/Palette/Transitions/Shared Ressources
• Mapping and Transformations
• Building Web-services(SOAP HTTP/JMS)
• Exercise #2 : Building a Web-service With Real-time Scenario
4. Debugging Application
• Introduction to TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks Debugger
• Debug Job Data
• Using Breakpoints
• Configuring Debugging Environment
• Introduction to OSGi Accessing/Commands
• Testing TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks Application
• Viewing Bundle and Engine details
• Endpoint details
• Exercise #3 : Debugging a TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks Application
5. REST Services
• Introduction to REST services
• Introduction to JSON
• Designing of REST services
• REST Wizard
• Development of REST services
• View/Configure REST Operations
• Testing REST Service Using Swagger UI
• Exercise #4 : Development/Debugging REST Service With Real-time Scenario
6. Working With Properties/Variables
• Introduction to Process Properties
• Introduction to Module Properties
• Introduction to Application Properties
• Scope of Properties
• Introduction to Application Configuration Profiles
• Exercise #5 : Working With Properties
7. Working With JDBC Activities/Drivers
• Introduction to JDBC Activities
• Configuring JDBC Drivers At Design-time and Run-time
• Working With JDBC Activities
• Exercise #6 : Development of TIBCO AMX BW 6.x Application With JDBC Activities For A Real-time Scenario
8. Working with REST Activities
• Introduction to REST/JSON Palette
• Invoking REST API
• JSON to XML and XML to JSON Conversion
• Exercise #7 : Development Of REST Client For A Real-time Scenario
9. Working with Groups
• Introduction to Groups
• Understanding Group Options
• Implementing Loops Using Groups
• Using Scope
• Exception Handling
• Transaction Handling
• Exercise #8 : Development Of TIBCO AMX BW Application Using Groups For A Real-time Scenario
10. Working with Java in TIBCO AMX BW 6.x
• Java Nature For Application Module
• Using Java Code In Module
• Using Product Bundles
• Using Custom X-Path Functions
• Inline Schema Editor
• Using Mapper
• Exercise #9 : Development Of TIBCO AMX BW Application Using External Java Code For A Real-time Scenario
11. Working with Plug-in Projects
• Introduction to OSGi
• Understanding OSGi Activator Classes
• Introduction to Plug-in Projects
• Using/Referencing Plug-in Projects
12. Application Packaging and Deployment
• Validating Project and Building EAR File
• Introduction to TIBCO AMX BW 6.x Runtime Components
• TIBCO AMX BW 6.x Runtime Architecture
• Domain/Appnode/Appspace/Application
• Introduction to various Deployment Modes
• Creation of Domain/Appspace/Appnode/Application
• Introduction to TIBCO Enterprise Administrator (TEA)
• Exercise #10 : Creation of EAR/Domain/Appnode/Appsapce and Deployment of Application
13. Java Messaging Service
• What is TIBCO EMS
• Messaging Concepts
• JMS Message Format
• Destinations (Queue/Topic)
• Destination Properties
• Delivery Modes
• Persistent/Non-persistent
• EMS_Reliable Delivery
• Types of Storage Modes
• Types of Acknowledgement
• Message Selector
• Bridge/Route
• EMS Administration Commands
• Configuring GEMS Tool For Monitoring/Management
• Introduction to JMS Activities in TIBCO AMX BusinessWorks 6.x
• Exercise #11 : Working With EMS Admin Tool and GEMS Tool
• Exercise #12 : Development of TIBCO AMX BW 6.x Application With JMS Activities For A Real-time Scenario
14. Working with Adapters in TIBCO AMX BW 6.x
• Introduction to File(or)ADB Adapters
• Installing File(or)ADB Adapters
• Developing Simple File(or)ADB Adapter Applications
• Deploying Adapter Applications Using TEA
• Exercise #13 : Development Of Simple File(or)ADB Adapter Application and Deployment
15. TIBCO Enterprise Administrator (TEA)
• Introduction to TIBCO Enterprise Administrator (TEA)
• TEA Installation
• TEA Features
• Configuring TEA For TIBCO AMX BW 6.x
• Creation Of Runtime Components (Domain/Appspace/Appnode/Applications)
• Deployment/Managing/Configuration Of TIBCO AMX BW 6.x Applications
• Deployment Of Applications From TIBCO Business Studio
• Configuring TEA For TIBCO EMS
• Creation Of Destinations And Monitoring TIBCO EMS
• Exercise #14 : Hands-on On TEA

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