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Power Recording Analyzer

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Power Recording Analyzer

Ref: TVR63975

Power Recording Analyzer is designed for power signal record. The power generator test items are integrated at the tester. With those test items users can make motor (Power generator) No-load test, Short circuit test, Motor excitation step response test, motor excitatory de-excitation test, motor load rejection test and grid synchronous connection test and also on

Technique index´╝Ü

1. There are 12channels voltage/current sample. The analog range include -10V~10V, -200V~200V, -400V~400V and -20mA~20mA. Users can switch the input range from software. Also there is one channel -100mV~100mV which allow the input signal less than 10V.

2. The voltage and current input range assured errors are as follow:

-400V~ 400V assured error less than 0.5V

-200V~ 200V assured error less than 0.2V

-10V~ 10V assured error less than 0.01V

-20mA~ 20mA assured error less than 0.02mA

-100mV~ 100mV assured error less than 0.2mV

3. There are 12 channel wet contacts binary signal input. The valid and allowed input voltage is DC12-200V.

4. There are 3 channel relay contacts output. The maximum capacity for the contacts is AC220V/1A.

5. There are 2 USB port used for data export and mouse/keyboard input

6. The LCD is 12.1 inches touch pad input mode. Make the human interface more simple.

7. The saved space in the tester is 32G for standard configuration

8. Input resistances for different channels are as follow:

-10V~10V Range Input resistance is 820K

-200V~200V Range Input resistance is 820K

-400V~400V Range Input resistance is 820K

-20mA~20mA Range Input resistance is 820K

-100mV~100mV Range Input resistance is 10M

9. Power supply AC 220V 10% 45Hz-65Hz


1 The recorded signal display in curve by scope in the tester in real time. Multi curve analysis is included in the tester. User can make zoom in/out and data location from the sampled curves.

2 The recorded curves can be edited, add text tag, change the color and so on. So that users can make report in they prefer curves and display mode.

3 The Fourier transformer tools can get the amplitude and phase spectrum of the recorded curves.

4 All the curves can be selected as x coordinate and y coordinate to make the correlation curve of those two curves.

5 The harmonic tools can get the maximum 1024 times harmonic for recorded curve.

6 The math tools can make add, decrease, multiple, divide and integrations for any curves in the scope.

7 Users can make RMS, Power watt calculation for any recorded curves in the scope.

8 The recorded three phase voltage and current signals can be applied to calculate the sequence, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and so on.

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