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SF6 Gas Vacuum Device

Location: China Posted: Oct 11, 2021 2:35:02 AM Hits: 110

SF6 Gas Vacuum Device

Ref: TVR64143

Gas vacuum device is suitable for various power supply companies, substation of substation transmission, power plant, ultra high voltage transmission and power plant and other power plants, ultra high voltage transmission power stations, SF6 electrical switch manufacturing factories, etc., as SF6 electrical products (such as GCBP, GCBT) , GIS, installation, modulation, and overhaul essence.

With the rapid development of the power industry, the infrastructure of the power industry, especially the continuous increase in SF6 electrical equipment, the SF6 electrical equipment is installed, maintenance and maintenance.It is getting higher and higher, and the relevant departments have higher quality and time requirements for the vacuum and return ingredients in the SF6 electrical equipment (especially the GIS) construction and overhaul. In order to adapt to this development, the company has been engaged in SF6 gas electrical equipment test, detection and professional technical experience accumulation. According to the analysis of foreign advanced maintenance equipment, the technical indicator requirements of foreign advanced equipment have been developed. Further, it can meet the products of domestic users ---- SF6 gas vacuum device

Technical parameter:

Vacuum pump rate (L / S) 4
Extreme vacuum (PA) ÔëĄ6*10-2
Vacuum time (m) 30L 60L 180L 300L 600L 1200L
8 16 48 80 160 320
Outer 550cm ├Ś 300cm ├Ś 1200cm (length ├Ś width ├Ś height)
weight 40kg
Operating Voltage 380 ~ 460V 50Hz AC electricity
Noise level < 62dB(A)
Vacuum rate customizable
Recovery rate customizable
Extreme vacuum ´╝ť10Pa
Leak rate ´╝ť0.5%
Conveyor 5 meters
tire High quality casters, easy to move, do not harm
Vacuum table Pointer or digital (optional)
Voltage 380V 50Hz

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