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Portable Gas Relay Calibrator

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Portable Gas Relay Calibrator

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The gas relay calibrator is a tester device that specializes in verification of gas gas relays. The gas relay calibrator is a detection check device for the detection of the Vaste Relay Flow Period Value, Cable Point Value, and Sealing Pressure Value. Gas Relay Calibrator is suitable for more than 90% of Gas Relay checks in China.

Gas relay is also known as gas gas relay, is a protective unit in an oil immersion transformer, mounted in an oil pipe under transformer oil pillow. The gas relay detector is a dedicated gas relay pressure release valve calibrator device for the gas relay value, a capacity value, and sealing pressure value, and the gas relay tester uses a microcomputer control technology, and the gas relay tester is detected by detecting a high-precision pressure sensor. When the gas relay tester simulates the internal failure of the transformer, the gas method of the gas relay tester is calculated to calculate the flow rate value to achieve the detection of gas relatives, the Gas protection action value, the gas relay calibrator adopts the fine container combined with the US MCC's micro Press the precision sensor, detect the inside of the gas relay to exclude the liquid volume method to calculate the light gas capacity value

Technical parameter:

Portable gas relay calibrator
Protection IP65
Execution standard Compliance with DL / T540-1994 standards and IEC
power input 50HZŃÇü220V
Flow speed detection (heavy gas) 0.1-0.5m / s 0.05m / s resolution 0.01
0.5-2.5m / s 0.1m / s resolution 0.1

Maximum error ÔëĄ1%

Volume detection (light mill)
0-300ml resolution 0.01ml

300ml-700ml resolution 0.1ml

Maximum error ÔëĄ1%

test method Automatic measurement, semi-automatic measurement, manual measurement of three measurement methods
Sealing test
0-150KPA resolution 0.1

0-300KPA resolution 1.0

Comprehensive error <1.0
Test gear 1min´╝î5min´╝î10min´╝î20min 40min


1. Equipment is lightweight: the gas relay checking station has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy to operate, meet field test needs, save equipment and laboratory, etc.

2. A variety of flanges becomes head: special design, convenient replacement, stable measurement, gas relay calibrator can carry out various specifications (¤ć25, ¤ć50, ¤ć80, and other caliber) gas relays High precision stabilization measurement;

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