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SF6 Comprehensive Analyzer

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SF6 Comprehensive Analyzer

Ref: TVR64201
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Product Details

The SF6 gas comprehensive instrument is a three-in-one tester that integrates, concentration, and main crystallization measuring instruments. It concentrates the achievable capabilities into one and completes three functional tests at a time, which greatly reduces the gas emissions in the equipment and effectively protects the environment. , Pollution, while reducing the user's workload and improving work efficiency.

It is because the sensor of Finland Vaisala is used; the SF6 gas comprehensive supplementary instrument has sufficient performance, and it uses an efficient absorption sensor.

The special instrument adopts the sensor of German HNP; some products adopt the special sensor of imported American Dekang SF6.

The SF6 integrated equipment display adopts a large-screen Chinese display, real-time various parameters, intelligent and intelligent operation, massive information, and dual-use rechargeable batteries.

Energy-saving technology, energy-saving and environmentally friendly instruments.

The SF6 comprehensive tester adopts the sensor, sensor, SOH2S, CO and other sensors of Finland VAISALA company, and adopts the thermal conductivity type of British ALPHA company.

Sensors and R&D sensors; more advanced ARM development technology, quality sensors, sensors and other precision sensors, equipped with sensors and sensors are more realistic, more simultaneous, and manufactured. The tester uses a color screen screen display, friendly interface, and easy to operate.

This type of comprehensive tester uses reliable imported sensors as sensitive components, and at the same time integrates real-time measurement, curve display, power management, time system, file system, data query, data understanding and other update functions, and integrates advanced sensor technology. And information technology, humanized operation information technology, humanized operation and perfect functions, you can learn her ability and perfection in printing.

Technical Parameters:
Purity range of measurement :0%~100%
measurement precision:±0.5%
measurement time: < 2 minute
Dew point range of measurement :-80℃~+20℃
measurement precision:±1℃(-80℃~-60℃)
response time(-60℃~+20℃):63% need 5 second,90% need 45 second;
response time(+20℃~-60℃):63% need 10 second,90% need 240 second
H2S range of measurement :0~200ppm
minimum amount of detector:≤0.1ppm
degree of exactitude:±0.5%
repeat ability:≤2%
SO2 range of measurement :0~200ppm
minimum amount of detector:≤0.1ppm
degree of exactitude:±0.5%
repeat ability:≤2%
HF(optional) range of measurement :0~20ppm
minimum amount of detector:≤0.01ppm
degree of exactitude:±0.5%
repeat ability:≤2%
CO(optional) range of measurement :0~1000ppm
minimum amount of detector:≤1ppm
degree of exactitude:±0.5%
repeat ability:≤2%
Environment temperature -40℃~+60℃
ambient humidity 0~100%RH
Power supply AC 220V
Integrated rechargeable battery
Battery performance charging time:20 hours;use time:10 hours abouve
Weight 5 kg
Size 250×150×300mm3
operating temperature -40℃~+80℃

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