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SF6 Intelligent Micro Water Quality Tester

Location: China Posted: Oct 12, 2021 2:32:35 AM Hits: 115

SF6 Intelligent Micro Water Quality Tester

Ref: TVR64202
Product Introduction:
SF6 intelligent micro water quality tester is developed and designed according to the national power industry standard DL/ t506-2007 "insulation gas humidity measurement method for sulfur hexafluoride electrical equipment" and adopts the imported high-precision dew point sensor and new digital circuit control technology. It is a high-precision intelligent instrument to measure the trace moisture content in SF6 gas.

This instrument adopts intelligent self-calibration technology wide measurement range fast response high accuracy good linearity dynamic display of measurement curve. At the same time the instrument also has an automatic dryer which can greatly reduce the measurement time.

Technical Parameters:

Measuring range Dew point value: -80℃ ~ +20℃
Moisture content: 0 ~ 19999uL/L
Accuracy of measurement ±0.5℃(-60℃~+20℃)
The resolution of the Dew point value: 0.1℃
Moisture content: 1uL/L
Response time (+20℃ 0.1mpa) 63% needs 5s 90% needs 45s(-60℃ ~ +20℃)
63% needs 10s 90% needs 240s(+20℃ ~ -60℃)
Sampling flow 0.6L/min±20%
Pressure range 0~1.0Mpa
The use of temperature -20℃~+60℃
Environmental humidity 0~100%RH
Storage temperature -20℃~+80℃
Charging time 4 hours
The whole machine size 250×150×300mm3
The weight of The machine 3.5kg


1、High stability: under the condition of serious interference the measured data can be stable at ±In the within of 0.5℃ it has excellent long-term stability and good repeatability

2、High precision: adopt imported high-performance dew point sensor and high-speed 12 Σ - Δ AD AD converter the highest resolution is 0.1 ℃ fully meet the requirements of actual measurement. Within the full range the measurement results are accurate and reliable the measurement range is wide the response speed is fast and the measurement results are stable and reliable

3、Intelligent: start up self-calibration sensor probe can automatically calibrate zero automatically eliminate the system error caused by zero drift ensure the accuracy of measurement

4、Multiple protection: with oil filter free from dust particles and most chemical pollution it can protect the sensor against oil pollution and is suitable for industrial environment

5、Rapid gas saving: after entering the measuring state the determination time of dew point value is 3 ~ 5min

6、Powerful functions: 4.7 "genuine color liquid crystal display Chinese interface.It directly displays the dew point value (℃) moisture content value (uL/L) date and time and dynamically displays the dew point measurement curve.Real-time storage of measurement data up to 100 sets of measurement data can be stored

7、Communication function: RS232 interface can be connected with PC serial port which is convenient for PC to further process data

8、Easy to use: imported from Japan self-lock joint convenient plug and pull safe and reliable no leakage.Sensitive touch The keys easy to operate improve work efficiency.Built-in rechargeable lithium battery small volume The weight of The light easy to carry

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