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Battery Charger Integrated Characteristic Tester

Location: China Posted: Oct 14, 2021 2:25:10 AM Hits: 101

Ref: TVR64300

DL / T 724-2000 "Electricity System DC Power Supply and Maintenance Technical Regulations" in Article 5.3, GB / T19826-2005 "General Technical Conditions and Safety Requirements for Electric Power Engineering DC Power Supply" Article 5.2 and 6.3 In the second, the technical indicators and test methods for the voltage regulator accuracy, the steady current accuracy, the ripple coefficient, the charging machine efficiency, and the battery capacity have clear provisions and technical requirements. The test content mainly changes the charger AC input voltage in the rated voltage ± 10% by the pressure regulator (e.g., transformer), and causes the DC output voltage and output current of the charger in the specified range by load adjustment means (such as discharge resistance). Internal change (voltage adjustment ranges from 90% to 115%, current adjustment range is 0 ~ 100% of the rated value), measuring voltage, current and ripple value within the adjustment range, by calculation, to obtain the stability of the charger Pressure, steady current accuracy and ripple coefficient, charger efficiency, battery capacity, etc.

[Custom]: Product customization, please contact staff.

[Use]: Test the pressure regulatory accuracy, steady current accuracy, ripple coefficient, charger efficiency, battery capacity of the battery capacity, and battery capacity.

[Applicable]: Suitable for <220VD battery packs.

Technical parameter:

Project host specification load current applies voltage level size weight
Host 48V 150A 0-150A 48V 415*180*310 9Kg
48V 300A 0-300A 48V 570*225*460 15Kg
220V 30A/100V 30A 0-30A 220V/110V 260*350*600 13Kg
220V 50A/110V 50A 0-50A 220V/110V 500*360*420 15Kg
220V 50A/110V 80A 110V:0-50A

220V:0-80A 220V/110V 500*360*420 15Kg
220V 100A/100V 100A 0-100A 220V/110V 550*360*460 18Kg
Regulator Rated power 15KVA
Input voltage 380+10%
Output voltage 300—450V
Rated current 20A
Volume 260*350*600(mm)
Weight 18Kg
Accuracy voltage voltage: ± 0.5% current: ± 0.5%
Ripple 0.01%—10% ±0.02%
Power supply AC220V±10%
Wireless transmission distance Within 100m in an open environment
Working environment -20℃—+55℃
Display 320 * 240 color graphics LCD + touch screen
Memory capacity 128M bit Flash
Communication interface USB

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